Our Sociology program is oriented around the following learning objectives:

  1. Sociological Principles: Our students will demonstrate an understanding of sociology's core conceptual, theoretical and empirical principles.
  2. Sociological Application:Our students will demonstrate the ability to apply the “sociological imagination” to understand and analyze social institutions, groups, and processes. The sociological imagination is the awareness of the relationship between personal experience and the wider society.
  3. Sociological Communication: Our students will demonstrate the ability to communicate sociological knowledge effectively.
  4. Sociological Evaluation: Students will develop critical thinking skills to evaluate the evidence, conclusions, and underlying assumptions of academic and non-academic sources of knowledge.


Our Anthropology program is oriented around the following learning objectives:

  1. Students will be able to understand and articulate key anthropological concepts and theories.
  2. Students will learn to read, understand, and critique anthropological books, articles, visual media, and reports.
  3. Students will acquire research skills that include the acquisition of research materials, the analysis of those materials, and the ability to synthesize findings in a report format, as appropriate to the course.
  4. Students will develop the ability to write in an organized and logically consistent manner.
  5. Students shall learn to analyze multicultural and global issues.
  6. Students shall engage in field or laboratory research and learn to carry out preliminary analyses of materials from primary materials and/or collections.
  7. Students shall learn to analyze and interpret contemporary, historic, and prehistoric data from a variety of societies or eras of past human experience.
  8. Students shall present anthropological materials in an oral format that demonstrates critical thinking within the discipline or sub-disciplines of anthropology.                 

Sociology Assessment

Anthropology Assessment